A Tale of Her

A poetic story by Caribbean author

Now I’m no longer hiding. From now on, no one speaks for me.

I'm going to take you on an emotional journey that will entwine expressive words and my own artistic representation of the meaning behind the written word. I grew tired of not being seen for who I am, now I’m sharing with you my story that starts with heartbreak, then processing this heartbreak, to finding myself in the process and ultimately healing from this experience. You will not just read about my experiences with heartbreak and healing. In this piece I force you to be introspective about the experience, by interrupting the linear story with a poetry and artwork. This book tells a deeply personal story…I felt it had to be in order for me to take my narrative back into my own hands.

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Paperback 9789083212807
E-book 9789083212814 
Audiobook 9781669691938