Most of us are feeling that our current systems are failing us, some will go so far to say that these systems are doing exactly what they were designed to do; Uplift a minority at the expense of the majority. My vision started as an academy that would offer an alternative to the current education system, specifically education in art & storytelling. However, I was having difficulties formulating what it is I want to do. Until it dawned on me, why I'm unable to give an exact answer. It's simply because, I don't have all the answers! With that in mind, it became ironically clear and simple to me. What I want is a space for co-creation. Co-creation, not only in the artistic sense. But in all (collective) aspects of our lives here on earth.


Duna is an extension of my artistic mission and vision, into the realm of International Development. With Duna, I want to combine my passion for creativity with that of facilitating change for marginalized groups of people. I want to set up a global community that will be active online and offline. Creating a network of people that are empowered to co-create a more sustainable way of living together.


Duna means water in the Garifuna language and it means to give in Papiamentu.

Water gives, it is an essential part of life and the ecosystems on earth. I choose this name as a symbol of a community that gives life to more holistic ways of coexistence. Researching, experimenting, and sharing knowledge. In addition to, raising awareness, thinking of solutions, and actively working towards solving contemporary issues.

It will make it difficult to create new systems, if the community is forced to think and function in the same way our current systems work. Financial viability, in the case of this community is focused on how to become self-sufficient. This will be through artistic projects such as selling arts, producing films, books, etc.


Members will have access to workshops, mentorship, knowledge hub, events, network, & collaborations.


Co-creation of a new way of living that is inclusive of people encountering vulnerable situations globally. This is a community where everyone brings a piece of the puzzle. We are a community of people with varying backgrounds, on the grounds of gender, ethnicity, education, status, etc. We come together to co-create systems that will allow everyone to have a decent life.


Experimental studies- Starting in 2023

Duna spaces will be held once a month, under the umbrella Experimental Research: <topic>. Featuring the topics mentioned bellow, and more. We will be adapting IRL facilitation methods in our spaces. The spaces are recorded and published in the Duna Dialog podcast.

Duna Dialog Podcast


This Duna Dialog podcast consists of raw unedited dialogue held on Twitter spaces, the coming period we explore topics that are pillars of the community. The spaces are meant to learn from each other, also to start building the community knowledge hub. As we grow, new spaces and topics will be introduced.