The artist

I am Maanarak of Grey, I love being creative and telling stories.  I do so through mixed media painting, writing, illustrating, and designing patterns. And I'm always learning new skills to use in my quest to creatively express my human experience. 


I was born and raised on the beautiful and sunny island of Bonaire, in the Caribbean. Currently living in the Netherlands. Not as sunny, but it has brought me a lot of opportunity to study and develop myself. I studied Tourism, intermediate vocational training. Later, I got my Bachelors in International Development Management. Though, somehow constantly found myself wanting a creative career. That's why I've set up my company, where I combine my formal training, with my passion for creativity. It took a journey of vulnerability and self discovery to get here.  Now I'm pursuing my dream of being an artist while facilitating change

The entity

Vision to spread art and stories with the intention of transforming lives and encouraging authenticity.


Mission to create spaces, books, films, podcasts, works of art (projects) that inspire deep thought, and self-reflection about our human experience. Facilitating change in the process.


With my company, I am working on awesome projects  in the realm of storytelling. The first project was my book A Tale of Her, which sparked me explore stories of vulnerability in my podcastPoison Honey Podcast. Stories are even embedded in my pattern designs. In the future, I plan to continue experimenting with short stories using different media, such as in comic books, films, and series. Thank you for joining me on this journey, I have lots of stories to tell you

Another area of experimentation I have in sight, is that of co-creation and facilitation of change. This is the idea behind my project, Duna Community. In which, Maanarak the artist and the entity are but a piece of the puzzle. As we grow, we want to attract like-minded people to create this community with.