Transforming lives and encourage self-expression through the power of art, creativity, and stories.

"Multidisciplinary artist, storyteller, podcaster, and process facilitator. Facilitating change and creativity,
in between, I dance."

- Maanarak of Grey 

A Tale of Her

Let me to take you on an emotional journey that will entwine expressive words and my own artistic representation of the meaning behind the written word.

"Her story is empowering and serves
as an eye-opener. People should accept themselves and learn to love themselves."

"I found each page evocative,
honest, as well as thought-provoking;
the book begs you to keep reading."

"A Tale of Her is a masterpiece.
It was short but said all the right things,
and shared the rawest kind of emotions.

Poison Honey Podcast

Listen to stories about life told
with raw vulnerability, honesty,
and a dash of humor!


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