About Maanarak of Grey

At Maanarak, we're passionate about making a difference and creating a more creative, problem-solving and empathetic world. We don't just believe in the power of art and creativity - we know it's potential to transform lives and encourage self-expression. That's why, we strive to create projects like books, films, podcasts and works of art to educate and connect people in meaningful ways.

We use a range of creative techniques and activities to help groups of people explore, play and create. We understand that everyone has their own unique creative process and it's important to give them the space and opportunity to explore it. And by bringing people together through art, we believe it can drive positive change in the world.


I am Maanarak of Grey. Being creative and narrating stories is my cup of tea. I express my imagination through a range of art forms such as mixed media painting, writing, illustrating, and designing patterns. I am a continuous learner and always strive to hone new skills to better express my human experiences through creativity.

My birthplace is the sunny island of Bonaire in the Caribbean, but currently, I reside in the Netherlands, which may not be as sunny, but it has provided me ample opportunities to learn and develop myself. My educational background includes a Bachelor of Science degree in International Development Management, which honed my skills in strategizing, research, facilitation, analyzing, and planning. Despite my formal training, I always had a creative calling, which led me to launch my own company. I blend my formal training with my passion for creativity and art to facilitate creative expression for myself and others. It was a vulnerable and self-discovering journey that brought me here, and now I am pursuing my dream of being an artist while inspiring creativity in others.